Pixel’s Pixels

Collaboration LIMSI-CNRS and Bertrand Planes



  • Laboratory: LIMSI CNRS
    Scientists: Emmanuelle Frenoux, Michèle Gouiffès, Christian Jacquemin, Alexander Setkov, Christian Tenaud

Projet funded through the call for arts-science projects appels a projets arts et sciences 2015 of La Diagonale Paris Saclay

Pixel’s Pixels is a new approach to enlarging the digital image freed from physical constraints that allows an infinite and interactive exploration of its deep structure. While the zoom stretches an image, Pixel’s Pixels introduces a digital organicity. Hybridy the digital and the synthetic, Pixel’s Pixels opens new aesthetic fields in interactive visual art.

When the limits of the resolution of an image are reached, we do not see the subject of the photograph, but only the pixel, that is to say, the component of the digital image. With an almost infinite zoom within a photograph, Pixel’s Pixels provides a visual extrapolation at the border of art and science, a stroll in depth through the substance of the digital image.